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I know calling out isn't allowed here, but does it also count for bots? No? Ok.


Bots have been going around targeting groups, spamming them with join requests and even surpassing voting processes. Joined groups will have their art, designs and so forth stolen and/or members get herassed. It also targets ANY affiliations a group has, and guess what? Our group was targeted!!

Since xXOriginal-SpeciesXx has alot of afiliations, PLEASE be on the lookout for any bot mentioned in this journal!!

Warning if you own/run groups, new bots found-WARNING-WARNING-WARNING-
If you got a notification of this account joining your group:
please block and kick them from your group, ASAP!
:new: How do I report a spam bot?
Here's the link to file a report:
- Be sure to mention the FAQ they're violating about spamming. I mention the FAQ a user is violating, and I tend to get more successful reports.
- Also mention this FAQ: and mention they're by passing "Vote-in" process and automatically letting themselves in anyways.
:new: How to I block someone from a group?
If you're a founder/co-founder with these permissions, here's how you block people from joining and interacting in your group:
1.) go to "Admin area" in the top tags on your group page
2.) Click "Manage members" on the left o

Furthermore, ALWAYS check a new member's account!! Alwayss!!!
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Affiliations are always welcome <3







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ANANAALOG Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, closed species ZomBAB is up for adoption!
Be the first one to bid!
Lowered! CS ZomBAB#1 [OPEN] by ANANAALOG  
spazattacked Featured By Owner Edited 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I accidentally posted something in the canine species folder, it's supposed to be in the alien one. I don't know how to move it 

Edit: Never mind, found it! Won't happen again, sorry!
Yuko--San Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I hope it's okay to advertise here! I didn't see any rules of not to do it, so ;w;


I've extended my 48 hour free MYO event for my closed species, Gemmadites, and the three new sub species until Friday, making it a one week event. That means that this event will end Friday November 6th 8pm CET (Central European Time)

You don't have to make your MYO within the time. You can take all the time you want to make it, and you can claim up to three tickets.
Hope to see some entries! ^^
Got any questions, then there's a highlighted comment in the comment section of the journal for questions.

1 week free Gemmadite MYO event [OPEN]EDIT: This event has been extended to November 10th 9pm CET!!!
Gemmadites and the three sub species; Undadites, Geludites and Ignisdites, are closed species made by me, Yuko--San and co-founded by MintyTomato
Please read the T.O.S. in this journal before you claim a slot!
Gemmadites: Closed species: Gemmadite
Undadites: Closed species: Undadite
Geludites: Closed species: Geludite
Ignisdites: Closed species: Ignisdite
This free event will only be open for 48 hours! It will end Sunday November 5th at 8pm CET.
You can claim up to three MYO tickets in this event, and since the main focus in this event are on the three new sub species, you can only cl
LacrimareObscura Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I´m searching for a (semi) professionell guest artist for my closed species!
Bullet; Blue Guest artists are also allowed to MYO a PANDROID for own use. (can be traded, but not be sold)
Bullet; Blue Your adoptables will be posted on the groups page aswell
Bullet; Blue You will be mentioned on the groups page as guest artist

Guest Artists Wanted (open)Pandroid-Battlefield 
To get more attention for my closed species "PANDROID", I´m looking for guest artists who would like to create some adoptables based on my species classifications and split the earnings.
your Profits
Bullet; Blue Guest artists are also allowed to MYO a PANDROID for own use. (can be traded, but not be sold)
Bullet; Blue Your adoptables will be posted on the groups page aswell
Bullet; Blue You will be mentioned on the groups page as guest artist
Bullet; Blue I only accept adoptables who are truly based on the species classifications
Bullet; Blue Earnings/Gainings will be splitted (Means once you sold an adoptable I will get 50%)
Bullet; Blue You need to mention me as owner of

Pandroid Adoptables (OPEN) by LacrimareObscura   Pandroid Species Classification (closed species) by LacrimareObscura  
custom pandroid (for syndralvalor) by LacrimareObscura   The Pandroids burden by LacrimareObscura    

You can also help me in finding matching artists. If you joined Pandroid-Battlefield and successfully helped me for an arrangement with an guest artist, you will be listed as supporter on the groups page and get a special shoutout! :D (Big Grin) 
VixenDra Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
How should I submit art of a species whose basic/default/main form is Other (quadrupedal, oviparous mammal with avianish forelimbs, raptorish legs, dragonish abdomen, fluffs, lagomorphis/camelis/kangarooish nose, fantasy ears, whiskers etc. so definitely an Other), but the artwork shows it as an anthropomorph this time? Will my species go to both folders depending on the bodyform then?
SyndralValor Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
If it is usually a Feral species, but now drawn as an Anthro, then it is an anthro.
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